Asteraseed plant


Specialist in the production of fine vegetable seeds, ASTERASEED is located in the South West of France, the reference region for the production of vegetable seeds.
Located in the northern hemisphere , latitude between 42.7 and 43.8 ° N (comparable to the CESENATE area in Italy) and longitude between 0.7 and 2.7 ° E, this region is perfect for the production of vegetable seeds:

South-west country side

An exceptional geographical situation

  • In between mountains in the north (the Massif Central) and the south (the Pyrenees) providing protection against the cold winter winds from northern Europe and against the hot Saharan summer winds.
  • In between two seas: the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the east. The result is an original temperate climate whose excesses are erased, a mix between an oceanic climate bringing moisture and moderate temperatures and a Mediterranean climate bringing sunshine and dry conditions.

Some favorable agro-economic conditions

  • Deep and rich soils (silty clay type soil …)
  • Average operating structures (farm from 60 ha to 200 ha) offering versatility in production activities and allowing implementation of specific investment.
  • Full coverage of the region by large collective lakes and individual storage and distribution systems for irrigation of all crops. This strong existing storage capacity, especially Pyrenean side with snowmelt permits unrestricted irrigation, including in very dry year.

A unique profession organization:

  • A very active inter-profession involving all the actors in the seed business (GNIS: National Interprofessional Seed Organization – UFS: French Union of Seed company – FNAMS: National Federation of Seed Multiplicator farmers ).
  • Strict and reliable crops isolation organized by geographic area and coordinated at the GNIS level ensure minimum clearances between plots.
  • A strict plant control organized at the local level allowing the establishment of the intra-community phytosanitary documents ( DIPIC) or the phytosanitary certificates